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    How to built a home in North Cyprus

    by admin on February 21, 2020
    How to built a home in North Cyprus

    If we are talking about a private villa that you are building for yourself, the scheme is approximately as follows:
    1. You give us all your wishes for the villa you want to build.
    2. We select the land for you.
    3. We help him purchase and issue a purchase, construction and villa ownership legally.
    4. We obtain for you permission to purchase a land plot.
    5. We make an architectural project that meets your wishes.
    6. We get all the necessary permits for the construction.
    7. We agree on the cost of construction of the turnkey villa.
    8. We sign a construction contract between you and our construction company.
    9. We build you a villa.
    Your project will be handled by one of our managers who will provide you with all the necessary reports at any stage of the construction of your house. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a ready-made or a house under construction according to a standard project from a construction company, sometimes it’s cheaper to build on your own project. It all depends on the wishes of a particular buyer.

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