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    What are the legal titles in North Cyprus?

    by admin on February 21, 2020
    What are the legal titles in North Cyprus?

    When buying Property  in the territory of Northern Cyprus, it is important to clarify whether there is a document confirming the legal title of the land. Currently, there are three types of legal titles in Northern Cyprus:

    – Pre 1974 Turkish – lands with such a title belonged to the Turks until 1974, which means they have no claims from South Cyprus; these titles are quite rare, especially if you decide to purchase a site near the sea;

    – Esdeger title (exchange) TRNC – this document is a confirmation that the land was issued to a resident of Cyprus of Turkish nationality in exchange for his land located in southern Cyprus.

    – The title of TRNC TMD indicates that no exchange operations with these lands were made, therefore, in case of political issues, compensation to the former owners is possible. True, compensation is paid not by new land owners, but by the Compensation Committee on Real Estate, Turkey allocates finances.

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